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I practice what is called Traditional Scottish Spiritual Training, as taught by Marc Stuart Medium. Is becoming a Medium something that you think might interest you?   Marc runs a six month high intensity training program. If you would like to attend a training circle with Marc and possibly myself, please fill out this form and book your place on one of Marc's training circles where you will .

You usually receive multiple readings from students on the night, and Marc will guide you through giving a real message yourself.

He has an extremely strict rule: you must try one of his circles before he will allow you to join his training program.

The training program is a six-month boot camp, and he is a tough teacher. You also receive direct business support during the six months so that you end up with functional business and the reading skills to work as a professional medium.

This is how I started, and I hope you will agree that the results through myself clearly demonstrate that the investment in his training is well worth it.

Devi Wolf ,medium

Marc Stuart Medium is an excellent teacher!
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