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Border Collie with a Bone

Mediumship Readings

Welcome to the mystical realm of Devi, the Mystic Wolf Medium, where profound spiritual readings await. Devi offers transformative sessions that delve deep into the spiritual realm, providing guidance, healing, and connection.

A spiritual reading with Devi is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, tapping into the realms of the unseen and the divine. Through her intuitive abilities, deep spiritual connection, and extensive knowledge, Devi facilitates a sacred space for spiritual exploration and insight.

During a spiritual reading, Devi connects with the energy field of the sitter, establishing a powerful link between the physical world and the spiritual realm. Through this connection, she receives messages, symbols, and impressions from departed loved ones, spirit guides, and other divine beings. 

The purpose of a spiritual reading is multifaceted. It aims to bring comfort, healing, and closure to those seeking connection with their departed loved ones. Devi acts as a channel or conduit, relaying messages from the spirit realm to the sitter, often providing validation of their continued presence and love. These messages offer solace, reassurance, and a sense of peace, knowing that their loved ones are still connected to them in the realm of spirit.

In addition to connecting with departed loved ones, a spiritual reading may also involve receiving guidance and insights from spirit guides, angels, or other higher beings. These enlightened beings offer support and direction on the sitter's spiritual journey, providing valuable insights into life's challenges, personal growth, and soul purpose.

Throughout the spiritual reading, Devi maintains a deep level of respect, compassion, and integrity. She creates a safe and sacred space where sitters can open their hearts and minds to receive the messages and healing energies from the spirit realm. Devi's empathetic nature and spiritual expertise enable her to deliver the messages with clarity, sensitivity, and authenticity.

A spiritual reading with Devi is an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. It provides a profound connection with the spirit realm, offering guidance, validation, and insights that can empower individuals to make conscious choices and navigate their life's path with greater clarity and purpose.

Whether you choose a Zoom reading or a local in-person session, Devi's spiritual readings offer a doorway to the realms beyond, where love, healing, and wisdom reside. Embrace the opportunity to connect with the spiritual realm through a spiritual reading with Devi, the Mystic Wolf Medium, and experience the profound power of spiritual insight and connection.

Bone Readings

A bone reading is a powerful form of divination that involves the interpretation of bones and other sacred objects to gain insight, guidance, and understanding. This ancient practice has been utilized by various cultures throughout history, drawing upon the spiritual and symbolic significance of bones.

During a bone reading, a collection of bones, shells, stones, and curios with symbolic meaning are cast onto a surface, such as a cloth or animal fur. Each bone or curio represents different aspects of life, situations, challenges, opportunities, and potential outcomes.

The bone reader, like Devi, the Mystic Wolf Medium, taps into their intuitive abilities and connects with the spiritual realm to interpret the patterns, positioning, and symbolism of the bones. Through their deep understanding of symbolism and their spiritual connection, they are able to receive messages, symbols, and insights from the spiritual realm.

The interpretation of the bones involves

recognizing the messages and meanings that emerge from their arrangement. The bones act as a conduit, allowing the bone reader to access information through the ancestors and the spirit world. This information provides valuable guidance, clarity, and direction in navigating life's challenges, making decisions, and embracing personal growth.

Bone readings offer a unique perspective and an opportunity to connect with ancient wisdom, ancestral energies, and spiritual guidance. It is a sacred practice that honors the interconnectedness of all things and helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of their life's journey, tap into their inner wisdom, and make empowered choices.

Through the power of bone readings, individuals

can gain profound insights, find guidance in times of uncertainty, and discover a greater sense of purpose and connection. The depth and symbolism embedded within the bones make each reading a transformative and enlightening experience.

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