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Common Misconceptions about Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums have been around for centuries, and yet there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding their abilities. Some of these myths are perpetuated by skeptics, while others are simply misunderstandings about what psychic mediums actually do. I'm going to debunk some of the most common myths about psychic mediums.

Myth #1: Psychic mediums are frauds

One of the most common misconceptions about psychic mediums is that they are con artists out to scam people out of their money. While there are certainly some people who present themselves as psychics or mediums without any real ability, there are also many genuine practitioners who have helped countless people through their services.

Myth #2: Psychic mediums can predict the future

Another common myth is that psychics and mediums can predict the future with complete accuracy. While some psychic readings may reveal information that could point to future events, this does not mean that the psychic or medium can see the future in its entirety. The future is constantly changing based on our choices, and a psychic can only provide insight into what may happen based on current circumstances.

Nobody can tell you what is going to happen in your future with 100% accuracy.

Myth #3: Psychic mediums can communicate with any spirit

While psychic mediums are known for their ability to communicate with spirits, they cannot communicate with any and all spirits at will. Spirits may choose not to communicate, or they may not be present at the time of the reading. However, most of the time, I can pull forward a specific spirit, it's not 100% because they may not want to communicate.

Myth #4: Psychics and mediums are only for the wealthy

Another myth about psychics and mediums is that their services are only affordable for the wealthy. However, many psychics offer sliding-scale fees or discounts for those who cannot afford their regular rates. I charge only $45 per half hour.

Myth #5: Psychic mediums are in league with the devil

This is the one that probably annoys me the most. There is a persistent myth that psychics and mediums are somehow involved in Satanism or other dark practices. However, the vast majority of mediums are simply people who use their abilities to help others. There is nothing inherently evil or harmful about these practices.

Hopefully, this has helped debunk some of those myths and encouraged you to get a mediumship reading.

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