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The Voices of Scotland

As the CEO of Marc Stuart's training company and someone who has received traditional Scottish mediumship training from him, I have developed a deep appreciation for the unique approach that Scotland brings to the field of mediumship. Working closely with Marc, a Scottish Medium with an Edinburgh accent, has provided me with a firsthand experience of the distinct Scottish flavor that he brings to our work. Marc's accent is recognizably Scottish, but it differs from the broad Highland dialect that Americans often associate with Scottish speech.

Devi Wolf Medium Accents of Scotland
Old Accents of Scotland

The Edinburgh accent embodies the charm and cadence of Scotland, yet it reflects the cultural diversity within the country. It’s also much easier for Americans to understand. While many may expect a broader Highland dialect, Marc’s accent showcases the softer, unique linguistic nuances of Scotland's capital city. This distinction serves as a reminder that Scottish accents and dialects vary across the regions of Scotland, highlighting the country's rich linguistic tapestry.

My interactions with Marc, accompanied by his distinctive Edinburgh accent, have further fueled my curiosity about Scotland. I long to explore the vibrant city of Edinburgh and experience firsthand the cultural milieu from which Marc's accent and unique approach to mediumship originate. By immersing myself in the local atmosphere, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances and subtleties that shape Scottish culture and spirituality.

Devi Wolf and the voice of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Scotland Devi Wolf is on her way by BUS

Working closely with Marc Stuart, a Scottish Medium with an Edinburgh accent, has provided me with a firsthand experience of the diverse linguistic tapestry of Scotland. His accent, while recognizably Scottish, is a reminder that Scotland's accents and dialects are varied and reflect the regional diversity within the country. This, in turn, has intensified my desire to explore Scotland and its cultural heritage, immersing myself in the dynamic atmosphere of Edinburgh, learning the dialect and expanding my understanding of the distinct influences that shape Scottish mediumship.

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