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Traditional Scottish Mediumship in the USA!

As the CEO of Marc Stuart's training company and someone who has received traditional

Scottish mediumship training from him, I have developed a deep appreciation for the unique

approach that Scotland brings to the field of mediumship. Working closely with Marc Stuart, a

Scottish Medium, has sparked a personal interest in exploring the roots of Scottish culture and

spirituality firsthand. The allure of Scotland has always captivated me, and I often find myself

yearning to visit this enchanting country to further immerse myself in its traditions and gain a

deeper understanding of its rich heritage.

Devi works with Marc Stuart Medium
Marc Stuart Medium from Scotland

The influence of Scottish culture can be felt in various aspects of the the US. The legacy of

Scottish immigration during the 18th and 19th centuries has contributed to the region's

cultural diversity.

The celebration of Scottish heritage through festivals and Highland Games in the US

demonstrates a deep appreciation for Scottish music, traditional dances, and cuisine. These

events serve as a bridge between the local communities and Scottish culture, offering an

opportunity to experience the richness of Scottish traditions.

Devi Wolf Scotland
Scottish Bagpipes everywhere in the USA these days but here is the real thing in Scotland.

While my involvement in Scottish mediumship has deepened my connection to Scotland, it has

also instilled a longing within me to personally experience the cultural richness of the

country. I am eager to explore Scotland, to walk in its ancient landscapes, and to immerse

myself in its vibrant traditions and spiritual practices. The merging of Scottish influences with

my understanding of mediumship in the United States creates a unique blend of perspectives

and techniques that I hope to further expand by experiencing the source firsthand.

My work with Marc Stuart as a Scottish Medium has ignited a personal interest in exploring

Scotland and its rich cultural heritage. As I continue on my journey, I look forward to visiting

Scotland and delving deeper into its traditions, immersing myself in the captivating world that

has fascinated me throughout my work in the field of Scottish mediumship.

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